A dress with a twist?

Written on July 7, 2021.

So this happened. Today was the day we finally got to see our dresses come to life. And the feeling was overwhelming and yet adventurous. But yes, there really is a twist. And this twist is the detailing of our dresses. Our seamstress even mentioned that this is probably the hardest project she’s ever worked on, and she has an enormous experience.

So why exactly do we want to complicate our life if we could just make dresses that have simpler design you may ask? And that’s the thing. We want to offer something extraordinary yet simple, detailed yet elegant.  A different kind of dress. We want young moms to feel comfortable and inclusive. We want women to feel like this dress fits into their everyday life just perfectly either they are wearing the whole dress to party, or skirt combined with blouse to work, or top with ripped jeans to picnic with friends.

By creating this slow fashion brand we truly believe we are offering solutions to problems like society exclusion of new moms and helping to make capsule wardrobe for every season with just one dress. And did I mention that we make accessories from fabric waste?

So yes, there is a twist. And we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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