Being in the right position

I’m so sorry, reader, if you are not the one to enjoy some “womenish” emotions, cause this article is going to be one of those.

Not everything in your life can be perfect, I think we all feel that at some point there are gaps in some fields in your life to “feel happy”. I’m striving for the perfect in every aspect of my life and that is what makes me feel tired a lot of the times. I get overheated and overwhelmed. I am the manager of household, of our kids, groceries, holiday plans, cooking, cleaning and on top of that – my own business.

I feel tired, but SO BLESSED to have Albertina butik, you have no idea. This is what makes me wake up in the morning. Of course, my family, as well :D But clothing brand with a social aim is what fulfils my soul.

I believe that very soon our brand will be recognized, and we will have a huge success. Our brand not only creates beautiful, decadent designs, but also brings value to nursing mothers’ social life and the sustainability aspect, that is so crucial nowadays.

I started my business to solve a problem for myself, as it happens quite often for entrepreneurs. I really like outgoings, parties, social events, and I don’t mind breastfeeding in public, but it really helps if I’m not completely naked, while doing that. This dress was created exactly for this purpose, but it turned out to become so much more – 3 separate capsule wardrobe pieces from a material, that can live in your wardrobe for ages, it can be inherited to your next generations, just like my golden earrings from my great grandmother and I love them. There are just some things that doesn’t go out of style and that’s what I think our dresses do.

I do want to literally cry thinking of how amazing we are doing now. Are we selling much..? No, not really, but I do believe, that 100% we will in no time.




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