Capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to be boring

So, this is what I believe in – our dresses are perfect for a capsule wardrobe! But not only that! We consider them travel friendly as well – they don’t take too much space in your luggage, considering that with 3 Albertina pieces you can make at least 6 different outfits.

Anyway... let’s talk a little bit more about the capsule wardrobe. I do think that from different point of views less is more and you must invest in quality pieces for your wardrobe to live a longer life. There are just a few suggestions from my side:

  1. There should be basics (white, black, and skin tone tops and pants). I suggest having them all – 3 sweaters, 3 pants/skirts, 3 tops and throw in some blazers as well.


  1. Add some patterns, such as checks, dots, stripes, animal pattern, etc. Don’t go too overboard with this one, 2-3 pieces might be enough, but remember, they don’t have to be boring! If you are a bit edgy, have some fun with this!


  1. If your style is feminine, or at least you would like it to be, add ruffled pieces!

  1. For more casual look, add some jean pieces or other pieces, that go with anything.


  1. Don’t forget about some brighter colours. It will always freshen up your look! And if you don’t have bright garments, choose to accessorize or style you look with bright colours or colour blocking pieces.

These are some of my suggestions. For a variety, choose different types of garments – blouses, pants, dresses, skirts, blazers, oversized shirts, etc. And don’t be shy to be feminine! Spring is coming, so you can choose lighter materials, such as shciffon and cotton jersey.

Get to know your shape as well and learn a little bit more of what fits you the best! For example, the length of your skirt, that I will get into more deeper in the next article.

Have a good day!

Baiba from Albertina butik

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