Get to know us. Part 1. Baiba

Let me introduce you to myself first.

My name is Baiba and I consider myself a pretty powerful woman. Haha. Let me start over.

I am Baiba and I am a woman, a wife and a mother of two. I am a very emotional creature, although I come around as a pretty put together human being. Well, I am not. I try to do the best I can to be an example to my kids, so they can be proud of me, and I’ve only began my journey.

My family.

I have an extremely loving husband with whom we argue all the time :D Just joking. We are really different and that is the beauty of our relationship – I think we complement each other. But overall, our pure love created two beautiful children – Emilija Albertine who is now 2 years old and Kurts Gabriels who is only 4 months old. An older sister and a younger brother. They both have two names – first one we chose of our liking and the second one is meaningful and is honoring some member of our family. As you have guessed correctly, our brand name is somehow connected to the name Albertine – she was my dear dear grandmother with whom we used to sew together. I can’t forget our good times together by patterns, fabrics and sewing machines, so this brand is a dedication to her. I miss her dearly, but I also know – she is watching down on me and smiling. Every day.

My career.

My passion and absolute vocation of life is fashion, clothing and sewing. Anyone with a passion will know the feeling – I can’t live without it. I lost it once, I will never again.

I graduated fashion design in 2009 from an Art school in Riga and I couldn’t imagine the impact it will have on me. I consider those years the best of my life, because of the environment – we studied fashion design, everything was about clothing, teachers were supportive and intelligent, and classes were small – we were only 10 people in the group and all of us, although pretty young teenagers, were extremely determined to succeed in life. I’m pretty sure I can say that about everyone in our school, not only about my class. This school really got me on track.

Time past, I started studying advertising and meanwhile made custom clothing to anyone who approached me. It was OK, but then I decided to open up my own boutique – it was amazing – but as with any business, there were difficulties. Mine were with seamstresses, equipment, with timings, so on and so on. I was young and stupid and only after two years of building my brand, I dropped it. It was sad then, but now I see it was meant to happen, because I have the best business partner I could ask for and together we will build something great.

This blog post is made on March 9, 2021 – a crazy time of COVID and we are building a business from scratch. I am hoping for a support from our families, friends and anyone that finds our clothing beautiful.

We have now made a prototype of our first dress and will continue upgrading it until it’s perfect! Steady, but surely, we are on our way.

I believe in our strength and I believe in our idea – a sustainable dress is what the world needs right now. I, myself, am trying to consume less fast fashion clothing, do less clothes washing (if possible) and execute my old clothing in an environmentally friendly way.

See you next time!

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