Get to know us. Part 2. Linda

I am Linda and I believe that it is possible to fulfil every dream the moment you start doing instead of dreaming.

I am young, full of energy and vitality, I try to overcome all obstacles in life and I have a great spirit of determination. I stand with my feet on the ground, I am a strategist, a planner and, yes, I dream big dreams.

My family.

It has been a year and a half since I married my great husband, who has always allowed me to be myself, during five years together, supported me through all the twists and turns of life to whom I have led myself, given me advice, and been my strong shoulder and love source. I believe that thanks to my partner, I am where I am, because he accepts me exactly as I am and has always believed in my strength. Our family of three could not be imaginable without our sweet cat Pearl who is a true confirmation of unconditional love.

My career.

Here I stand today, as one of the co-owners of the company "Albertina butik", but it has been a long way with a lot of unexpected events to get here. All my life I have enjoyed learning and challenging myself in various fields. In fact, I have a bachelor's degree in engineering, I am a food and beverage technologist, but already during my studies I realized that this is not my calling. I plan to use my knowledge in old age, when I will live in a house by the sea and make my own peppermint wine. I also continued my studies in master's level, obtaining an MBA. It was these studies that were a huge turning point in my life, because I met my business partner Baiba, with whom we had a click from the first lectures and the feeling that we are both strong, true personalities, each with their own strengths, forming an invincible team. During my master's studies, I also started working at the university, becoming a lecturer and I can say - I love this job from the bottom of my heart and it has given me so much knowledge about how to run a business and formed me into personality I am today. However, my education did not end with obtaining a master's degree, as I am currently a PhD candidate and writing my dissertation on social entrepreneurship in the environmental aspect. Sustainable clothing is a mainstay of Albertina butik, so I can safely say that everything in life goes the way it should and all the areas I am passionate about go hand in hand.

It is December 2021, we have embarked on one crazy adventure, in the middle of a pandemic, but we believe that the brand we have created is not only viable, but every clothing piece we create is able to find its rightful owner.

I want our stories to inspire women all over the world not only to believe in their dreams, but also to do everything to make them come true, and, most importantly, for all strong women to be able to find equally strong business partners.

See you next time.

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