Every one of us is special

A very small part of us can buy something, that fits 100% and that is the one reason we offer custom made design. An outfit, that fits, boosts your confidence and your confidence makes everyone smile. Who doesn’t love compliments, right?

Create your own dream garment with the help of professional dressmaker who will help your wishes come to life, considering event, color palette, your shape, and what suits you the best.

If you don’t know what looks good on you, this is exactly what you need – someone from a side to give a fresh look to your wardrobe.

Three easy steps to design your perfect outfit

Step 01

Choose the garment you want to create and place an order

You can form various clothing pieces to be designed here.

Step 02

Meet your dressmaker Baiba in person or on-line

We will talk details about your wishes – event, materials, visions etc. And then Baiba will prepare three designs in 14 days from which you will choose one that will come to life.

Step 03

Make your dream come true and discover a tailor made design

You can also make changes according to your wishes from the final design of your choice. Now when you have your final design, you can choose whether to execute it with or without our help, no strings attached! But we highly recommend making it with us, as we strive for the best quality and can fully take responsibility on making it the exact way it was meant.

Meet our clients who prefer unique design

  • Communication with Baiba was simply fantastic and fast. I was surprised how quickly my "note sketch" turned into a very real outfit, enhanced with a professional eye with Baiba's help! I really enjoyed her recommendations and will definitely be back!

    - Ralfs Gaubšteins

  • I have been trusting the designs created by Baiba for several years - I probably have several clothes created by her in my closet that are still in use - several dresses, jackets, skirts, etc. She creates very original and long-lasting things, which is very important to me. She listens to the client's wishes, but at the same time offers something that looks even better than I would have expected. Well, I recently ordered an Albertiina dress - it looked much better than I imagined and even living in Paris - there were a lot of compliments. She creates high-quality, beautiful clothes with personal touch. And she does it with love and joy! Definitely recommend!

    - Ilze Tolpežņikova

Choose our featured collection or add your personal touch

Individual design that brings out your character

We highly value the wishes of our clients and strive for perfection to create design of their dreams. We listen to the customer's wishes and delve into the specific event, we take into account the customer's habits to acknowledge which fabric will be the most suitable. And most importantly - we try to sympathize the nature and personality of the client to understand what outcome the client expects, what feelings they want to experience when wearing an outfit.