The launch of the loungewear

It was clear from the beginning that Albertina butik is not going to be just a “one trick pony”. Yes, we adore our main product and the idea itself of the transforming dress, but we also search for other reasons for people to approach our website.

Since the launch we’ve added sustainable accessories (made from the fabric waste), loungewear and now also silk scrunchies to the web page. Different people have different opinions on whether you must be your target audience or not, but I can definitely say that I am my target audience. Yes, dresses are a bit of an investment, but I love that this is not just about the money nor the quality. This is about putting my penny into saving the planet to reduce pollution and to help people change their opinion about breastfeeding in public. Two huge things we deal with here!! We must accept everyone and live in love as hard as it is. This is what the dress is about. With these dresses I hope we will spread the love because love is the only thing that really matters and we have to take care of that!

Loungewear is something everyone owns now because of work from home and we just wanted to offer something we like ourselves and of course, with a nursing option. I am absolutely in love with the organic material and the fit, this is just all I wear! And scrunchies.. I never thought I would love something like this, I never even owned a scrunchie, but now I don’t spend a day without it :)

Come, support small businesses and enjoy the real quality that these products truly reflect.

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