The struggle is real

It’s not always daisies and butterflies, there are struggles, ups & downs and challenges we are facing every day. When we started to build this brand I promised myself that I will be as transparent as possible, because I believe that taking clients and followers with us on this journey means not only sharing the good side, but the rough paths as well. So here are some lessons I have learned:

First of all, we kind of did drag our time way too long to launch. We wanted everything to be perfect. Guess what? Perfect doesn’t exist as you may know. So if you have an idea – go, jump into it, you will sort everything out in the process.

Second, human factor exists in every step of the way, either we are speaking about partners, customers, support from friends and even the relationships between the two of us, the co-founders. It is impossible to read minds, so communication is the key. As they say – if you don’t ask, the answer will always be “no”. I believe we have blown some chances because of lack of communication in the beginning, but I also know that we have gained so much opportunities just by asking for what we want.

Third lesson – write. Down. Everything. You may think you have a good memory. But there are so many little details that can be missed. So write down everything. We have a shared file with every little detail and convo and it has helped so much to know that all of the information is stored safely.

Next thing, being in business, studying and working full time is a challenge itself, so time management needs to be on point. I’m actually quite proud on how I manage my tasks but as everyone, I get overwhelmed too. And it is okay. It is okay to take the day off, to mute your announcement and lay in bed doing nothing. There is no shame in relaxing and recharging.

We have been through quite of a journey, but putting trust in each other and sharing our experiences can hopefully help other struggling business owners. All of us are a part of strong and beautiful community and there is just something magical in being called an owner of the company. I wish you a successful business idea development if you have one, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

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