What fits me. Or you?

Before I begin talking about this topic, I would like to remind you, that I’m not a stylist, I’m a dressmaker. I would also like to remind you, that I used to own a tailor boutique and I studied fashion design. I don’t call myself stylist, because I don’t have any degree in it, but I would like to believe, that I have my particular taste in fashion, that might be useful to some people.

A sense of style is, of course, important, but there is no such thing like one type of pattern, that fits everyone. It is important to study your body and complement it with a flattering design. It builds your confidence and the desire to experiment more – with colours, textiles, styles and more.

Let me show you a table of body types, search for yours and get some suggestions.

These are just some basics for someone who feels lost in dressing themselves. This is a stylist’s common table, nothing out of ordinary, but let’s get into “out of ordinary”.

I’m actually all for experiments of mixing different styles and not following any trends. Just wear anything you feel good in or even going a little bit out of line. Have some glares, who cares?

In case you are afraid, some of my personal suggestions, that I think applies for most:

1. Try wearing 1/3 or 2/3 instead ½ to look more fancy;

2. If you wear tops and bottom, chose one loose part, the other fitted;

3. Always make sure your clothes fit, it looks a 100% more garnished;

4. Styling is the key – add the right accessories to make your look finished.

I hope you find this post useful and get back to us at some point!

Have a good day!

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