Our story

creators of nursing friendly transformable custom dress

While the world was falling apart, we decided to create a story of our own.

The idea of Albertina butik arose in the middle of the pandemic when two brave women chose to build a dress that is friendly for all females that are ready to take over the world while looking fabulous. So here we are, the creators of Albertina butik:

Baiba is the mastermind behind the idea of the design and the artistic performance of our brand. She is a real superwoman, mom of two beautiful children, full of love and life, making sure our clothing is functional and elegant.

Linda is a real dream chaser and multitasker who makes sure everything runs smoothly with the strategic development of the company. She is a real superwoman who stays on top of the newest information and how it can benefit the company.

Together we are the perfect team, balancing each other out and bringing out the best in both of us.

The name of our brand plays a special role, Albertine was Baiba’s grandmother who taught her how to sew, which is the reason why the sarafan dress is our inspiration, they used to create sarafans together and that was the first clothing Baiba ever created herself.

We are here to prove that every woman can achieve their goal the same way as every woman can wear our dress, that is why Albertina is a different kind of dress.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have.


Baiba & Linda